Shared Conversations

Shared Conversations

shared conversationsAs the first of the Shared Conversations begins on Monday 27th May. we encourage people to hold the process in prayer.

Full details are available about the Shared Conversations programme on their website.
This website will be helpful for participants, as well as for any in parishes, deaneries and diocese who seek to engage with this process.

For any individual or church wanting to explore the issue of sexuality, we recommend Sexuality: The Inclusive Church Resource.
With a stories from lived experience, a theolgical reflection and resources this is an excfelelnt and helpful book.

"Susannah Cornwall's Theology of Sexuality is a perceptiove and powerful commentary on a debate which should have been concluded years ago"
Jeffrey John. Dean of St Albans

Resources for prayer
Loving God,
You have given your Holy Spirit to the Church
To lead us into all truth:
Bless with the Spirit’s grace and presence those sharing in the Shared Conversations;
Keep them steadfast in faith and united in love,
That they may manifest your glory
And prepare the way of your kingdom;
Through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.

We pray today for the Shared Conversations – the facilitators and those who will be taking part as delegates from each diocese.
The Shared Conversations are being coordinated by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Reconciliation Ministry Team, based at Coventry Cathedral and led by Canon David Porter, Director of Reconciliation.
We pray for David Porter leading this work, for Victoria Mason coordinating the project and for the facilitators

"The facilitated conversations are taking place to create safe spaces in which questions of difference and disagreement can be explored"
We pray for those for whom the conversations will be challenging, and sometimes painful. We pray particularly for the LGBTI community as it shares in this process.

"Questions of difference and disagreement are to be explored in relation to questions of scripture, mission and human sexuality".
We pray for honesty and courage in conversations.

"Neither this process of conversation, nor any of those involved in facilitating it, have any authority in the decision-making of the church".
We pray for the wider church, for Archbishop Justin, for General Synod – that there may be wisdom and sensitivity about the way forward.

"The Shared Conversations give an opportunity for the wider church to reflect on issues of sexuality".
We pray for the delegates from each diocese, for Diocesan Bishops Synods- that the Dioceses may have the confidence to continue the sharing of conversations.

(phrases in quotation marks are taken from the Shared Conversation website)