General Synod 2015-20

General Synod 2015 - 2012

coalition logoInclusive Church – along with a number of partners (Modern Church, Affirming Catholicism, Society of Catholic Priests, Changing Attitude and WATCH) ran a campaign to get as many ‘inclusive’ candidates elected as we could. We can now report that over 80 of our inclusive’ candidates were elected. This is a tremendous result giving us a significant voice within the life of the new Synod.

Thanks are due to the hard work of Stephen France who coordinated the campaign.  In a real sense the work begins now. How we encourage our inclusive candidates to work together will begin this November when the new Synod meets for the first time. Inclusive Church, and our partners, will be hosting a ‘Fringe event’ to get these people together and consider the way forward.

Inclusive Church is committed to working in and around Synod over the next 5 years.
For us to be at Synod will have cost implications. These range from having a stall so that we can tell Synod members about the work of Inclusive Church, to holding Fringe meetings so that we can regularly get our inclusive Synod members together and focus on particular issues.

You may not have got elected – but you may just be thankful that we have achieved something amazing – why not show your support by giving to our special Synod Campaign?
If 100 people gave £10 as a ‘thank you’ – we would have a good amount of money to draw on without compromising our other work.

Details of the campaign are here: