Gender Relations between Women and Men

Re-visioning Gender Relations between Women and Men

Friday 3rd July 2015

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Location: City YMCA, Errol Street, London (nearest tube stations Old Street or Barbican)

Cost: £5 suggested donation

You can book in to the event via Eventbrite here:

This three-hour event is a rare forum for people of all sexual orientations and genders to engage in a taste of an experiential methodology aimed at transforming gender and sexual injustice, and at establishing just and compassionate relations between women and men and between all the sexes.  Through careful facilitation, Gender Reconciliation workshops provide an opportunity to jointly confront the historical and cross-cultural origins of gender oppression and exploitation, and to reach mutual healing and understanding.

The Gender Reconciliation approach builds trust and compassionate communication through a skillful combination of interactive exercises, contemplative practices, and group process. Participants plumb the depths of their own experiences and move beyond habitual ways of relating to discover new pathways of healing, mutual respect, authenticity, and joyous relations between women and men.

This innovative methodology has been explicitly endorsed by South Africa’s Desmond Tutu, and aligns with truth and reconciliation and transitional justice principles; applying them to gender injustice. The event on 3 July will provide an experience of some of the participatory activities and processes of a three-day Gender Reconciliation workshop (which will take place in London in January 2016; info coming soon), and an introduction to the work of Gender Reconciliation International (GRI).

All people are welcome – whatever your gender, faith, ethnic and cultural background, or sexual orientation. Facilitators/trainers/religious leaders looking to expand your facilitation skills in the arenas of reconciliation, gender, or community work may be especially interested (in both the taster and the upcoming workshop).