Feminist Theology Lecture

The annual Southwark Feminist Theology lecture

southwarkSpeaker: Charlotte Cummins, Farmington Fellow, Oxford & Theology teacher (11-18)

A Light for My Path Why reading the Bible matters

Friday 16 October 2015, 7pm for 7.30 Southwark Cathedral,

How we can encourage Biblical literacy and understanding whilst countering a purely literal interpretation of the text? This lecture will prompt an open discussion about how we could enable
a more critical study of the Bible at all ages.

During my 15 years as a Theology teacher in a Catholic Secondary School, I have become increasing aware that I am in a minority of those who still teach Biblical Studies. I, therefore, decided to dedicate my Farmington

Fellowship in Oxford this year to considering some of the  reasons for this decline in the teaching of Biblical  Studies and the  implications of it. In this lecture, I will begin by highlighting the evidence to support my observation that the teaching of Biblical Studies is in decline and some of the reasons and context for this. I will then examine more thoroughly why I think this matters and why I think that the critical study of the Bible should be an integral part of education from an early age. If this is not happening in schools, could the churches play a greater role in supporting this study?