Governance Team

Inclusive Church is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees are elected at the AGM by those who are registered as individual members

The current Trustees are: 

 Dianna Gwilliams - Chair

Dean of Guildford Cathedral

Simon Sarmiento - General Secretary

Simon is a retired software consultant and is now a part-time freelance journalist, focused mainly on Anglican news. With two others, he founded the Thinking Anglicans website in 2003. He has written also for Anglicans Online, the Church Times, The Tablet, and for Comment is Free. He has been a  consultant on technology to Church House Publishing.  He has been an enthusiastic supporter of Inclusive Church since its foundation.

David Hancock - Treasurer

David is a "lay person" who got to know IC by attending the conferences in 2007 and 2009. He was impressed by IC's commitment to end discrimination. He retired from about 40 years running probation services in London, Birmingham and Nottingham in 2005; and being IC treasurer gives him something useful and interesting to do. He lives near Nottingham and frequently visits children and grand-children in London and Birmingham. While not a qualified accountant, he has a wide experience in managing statutory and voluntary bodies. He was treasurer of an august body 'The Association of Chief Officers of Probation' in the 1990s, and is well used to trying to make a little go a long way! He loves cycling, and is also a bell-ringer at his parish church at Radcliffe-on-Trent. He's so impressed by the number of people who support IC by regular donation - it is clear that IC would not exist were it not for the strength of the member support.

Committee members representing other organisations

Anthony Freeman - for Modern Church

Anthony is an honorary assistant priest at St Paul's, Chichester. Ordained in 1972, he was dismissed by his bishop in 1994 for publicly espousing a nonrealist view of God. From then until retirement in 2011 he worked in academic publishing, and is now assistant editor of the journal Modern Believing. As a member of the Sea of Faith and the Progressive Christianity Networks (and a trustee of Modern Church) he seeks to promote an open and inclusive theology across the churches.

Jeremy Timm - for Changing Attitude

Hilary Cotton for WATCH

Jenny Thomas for Association of Black Clergy

Savi Hensman for Anglican Matters (LGCM)

Elected Committee members

Sally Barnes

Sally joined IC with her late husband when it was formed as they both agreed thoroughly with its aims to make the Church more inclusive. She has worked against prejudice all her life as a teacher, headteacher, Early Years Inspector and layperson in the Church. She has witnessed the damage to individuals and groups that discrimination of any kind causes and the waste to the Church and Society this brings. She believes firmly in the Gospel of Inclusion and the importance of accepting the vocations and gifts individuals have to offer. She is an executive member of IC representing the London branch of Women and the Church (WATCH).

Trevor Donnelly

Rosemarie Mallett
Rosemarie has been a member of the IC executive for the past 4 years now, and joined with a desire to widen what the outside world saw as the IC remit for the church. It had then, and continues to have a strong focus on the Common Good, and on issues of social justice and inequality. This is an area that she has worked in for almost all her adult life in one way of another, here in the UK and in Africa and the Caribbean. She has been a lecturer, researcher, and development consultant and community activist around issues of race, gender and health inequality in society.  Since becoming a parish priest in London, she has become very involved in many aspects of local community development and on issues of covert and overt gender and race discrimination in the Church. She believes that the church has a real part to play in the public square, but cannot do so with any moral authority if it is guilty of practices which exclude and marginalise people, and deny their God given potential to participate in all aspects of being church to the world.

Keith Sharpe

Dr Keith Sharpe is an early retired professor of education. He has published widely in books and academic journals in the fields of sociology of education, comparative education, teaching methodology and pedagogy.  Since his retirement he has studied theology and become active in the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement and Changing Attitude. He founded and chairs the Sussex branch of this organisation. He writes a regular column in Gscene, a gay magazine, in which he tries to persuade his readers that while the Church may appear to be an enemy it nevertheless is the bearer of the good news brought by the Jesus tradition.

Anne Stevens

Alex Gowing Cumber

Alex is a Church of England priest who has taken medical retirement from parish ministry. He describes himself as a liberal catholic - or just a friend of Jesus who seeks to be inclusive. He enjoys visiting and helping churches and groups. Recently he has been exploring his artistic skills in photography and painting as well as developing a love of Nigerian football! Alex enjoys woodland conservation work, pipe smoking, opera, ballet and musical theatre. He has also become something of a disability activist.

Dan Barnes Davies

Dan is currently training for ordination in the Church of England at Westcott House in Cambridge.
He grew up in Good Easter, Essex among five Wheaten terriers and countless puppies, and read Philosophy at Southampton, where he had became an Anglican thanks to the chaplain and chaplaincy. He is particularly interested in addressing the institutional exclusion of young people from church/the church/churches.